Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Media Coverage Report #1

Solange and Her Hubby Were About That Camping Life For New Years by Stacy Ann-Ellis, Vibe Magazine, 1/1/14

This article explains Solange's (Beyonce's sister) New Year's celebration in the mountains. The article summarizes that the "less is more."

REI could benefit from this article by gaining a new target audience. Generally, our audience has been those specifically interested in the outdoors while this article may evoke interest in those whose focus in pop-culture - we may think about advertising and preparing to sell to a target audience of girls 16-23.

New Report Looks Into US Outdoor Sporting Goods Market Trends Opportunities to 2019 Market Reports, WhaTeck Premium Legacy, 1/07/15

This article summarizes the rise of specific sporting goods and activities in the coming years and provides links to the data and projections collected. There are a handful of specific activities chosen that are directly compared to sales from specific companies.

The article provides a list of competitors and their projections for sales in the next five years. This is useful for REI because the products we sell directly correlate with all the sporting and outdoor activities listed in this article.

Stevens Pass Ski Resort Finally Re-Opens, by Stephanie Klein, edited by mynorthwest.com, 1/8/15

This article explains that Stevens Pass Ski Resort has re-opened after a longer-than-normal off season. The resort is open now with "springtime" conditions and is expecting more snowfall this weekend.

Stevens Pass is one of the closest ski resorts to Seattle, so the Seattle REI location may be seeing an influx of customers. It is also important to note that the ski season usually opens sometime in November or mid-december - any sales or deals that REI may usually have at this point should be re-considered because of the length of this ski season in regards to customer demand.

Outdoor Tech's CES 2015 Lineup Aims To Please The Rugged Tech Enthusiast, by Les Shu, digital trends, 1/12/15

This article summarizes the new "top" gadgets shown at the Outdoor Tech's 2015 Convention. These items include a portable and durable bluetooth speaker, powerful battery, and headphones that outfit snowboarding helmets.

Our company could benefit from these articles because it shows how our audiences are evolving based on what technicians are creating. Further, it shows what REI should potentially invest in for the future in order to spark interest in our current and potential customers.

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Set To Open in Overland Park, by Joyce Smith, edited by The Kansas City Star, 1/13/15

This article explains that Elsa Baker, owner of The Cave Bouldering gym has recently taken on a partner since the growing popularity of one of the only indoor bouldering gyms in the Kansas City Area. Apex Climbing gym is set to open at 7200 W. 106th st. - with larger accommodations than The Cave Bouldering Gym.

Our REI location in Kansas City is 6281 W. 136th st., this is just ten minutes away from the new Apex Climbing Gym - whereas The Cave Bouldering gym was about an hour away. This is a great opportunity for our Kansas city location to take advantage of a sweeping bouldering fad that is newly concentrated just ten minutes away from our location.

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