Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Media Coverage Report #2

New Southern Resident Orca Calf Is a Girl - Jan. 9th,

This article explains how there is a new resident Orca Calf in the PNW.

This is beneficial information for REI in the PNW because of the information that this endangered species has a new and accessible offspring. With many pictures already, this article could boost travel to San Juan Islands along with kayaking and picture exploring activities.

Outdoor Retailer Show have generated nearly $500 billion in SLC Spending - Jan. 20th,  Brett Prettyman

This article summarizes the outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. A coveted event, this market displays all the up and coming gear for winter activities.

This event is important to our client, REI, because it highlights not only the next big things to be sold to our audiences, but also how our audiences will react to them based on who is interested in what. It could potentially be important to keep an eye on this event and try to gain ways into the event for coming years.

Future of Outdoor Retailer Show - Jan. 21, Brady McCombs

This article came out hours after the previous one mentioned. It explains how the managers of the Outdoor Retailer Show had made a commitment in 1996 to keep the show in Salt Lake City, however now that commitment is about to expire.

This information could be beneficial to REI because of our ability to attend said convention. Further, it could be a possible opportunity to create a partnership in accordance with hosting the event.

Trex Unveils New Waterproof Outdoor Storage Collection - Jan. 20, Zack Equity Research

This article explains how Trex - an out door company - has unveiled a new line of "storage collection" cabinets. What this means is that they have unveiled a sort of water-proof and sustainable home addition / supplement.

This could potentially be beneficial to REI because our client may need to reconsider their products. Currently, REI is aimed toward outdoor activities, but perhaps because of this information they could think about directing their aim toward outdoor home supplements.

Outdoor Fun At Your Doorstep: Winter Edition - Jan. 20th, Office of Public Affairs, SLC

This article explains how the winter months could turn into a time of stuffy indoor workouts for some, but rather gives alternatives in a fun image for work outs in the winter snow.

This could potentially be beneficial to REI because of what the company is trying to focus on this season for its audience. The graphic focuses on eight different outdoor activities that SLC has chosen as the most "popular" and "Calorie burning" snow activities. Perhaps REI can shift their product advertisement and target audience toward these activities?

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