Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Media Coverage Report #3

Minneapolis Parks and Rec Close Outdoor Skating Rinks Due To Warm Weather, Local, Jan 27

This article explains how local skating rinks are shutting down due to warm weather. Across Minnesota, several trucks have already fallen through the ice.

This article is important for our client because our client has merchandise that depends on season. This is showing that perhaps retail in places such as Minnesota should consider switching over from winter gear to gear related with warmer activities.

Mid-Winter Warmth Blanketing the Dakotas, Breaking Records, Associated Press, Jan 27

This article explains how record warm temperatures are hitting the dakotas. While a blizzard is slamming hte north east, the Dakotas are experiencing weather that is too warm, forcing them to shut down their local ice skating rinks.

This article is important for our client because our client has merchandise that depends on season. Furthermore, our client should take into consideration the previous article. It seems that the climate and season is having a pattern of changing and perhaps they should consider re-branding and re-marketing for certain areas of climate change.

Watch Skrillex's 90-minute-Set for X-Games in Aspen, Ryan Middleton, Jan 26

This article states that Skrillex played a 90-minute set for the winter X games in Aspen. It explains how Skrillex was hired in hopes to court 18-25 year olds to the X-games this year

This is good research for our client, REI, because it shows how these winter sports are targeting their audiences. The winter X games, focusing on snowboarding and skiing, is targeting 18-25 year olds and more specifically those interested in Electric Dance Music (EDM). This could influence marketing tactics or branding for our client, as the each set for the X-games included EDM and rap artists.

NHL Announces 2016 Outdoor Games in Boston, Minnesota, and Denver. Greg Whyshnyski, Jan 24

This article explains that information about the 2016 outdoor games has been leaked, and that the NFL decided to formally announce where their hockey games would be held.

This is useful for our client in regards to confirmation on planning the location of their marketing campaigns. This informs REI that they should look to potentially opening retail opportunities or advertising opportunities in the areas of Boston, Minnesota, and Denver.

Outdoor Recreation in Washington Generates $21.6 Billion Each Year, Jeffrey Mayor - Jan 24

This article explains the effect outdoor recreation has on Washington's economy. Essentially, the money that is raked in from outdoor activities is spent on in-state travel, out-of-state travel, and parks & reacreation fees.

This article is useful to our client because it informs them of what demographics are coming to where (in-state and out-of-state to Washington), what they are coming for (parks & recreation), and when that time is activated. In this article, it is argued that the time period for making the most money is summer.

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