Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Media Coverage Report #8

America's National Parks: The South / Sarra Sedhi - March 9

This article is a photo summary of America's national parks in the south. This article is written and published side by side with the centennial of the national parks service creation. The article's intention is to inform people about parks in America in places such as The Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina, Mammoth Cave, and Tennessee.

This article could be beneficial for our client because it gives great information to our audience about what parks they may be interested in. Even though it's not endorsed by REI, this article could be a great resource for us to direct our audience to. Moreover, it could also be a great resource for our employees or team members to check out.

The Pro Snowboarder's Workout / By Equinox - March 9

This article published in Yahoo! Health explains steps and guides to maintain and curate a perfect snowboarder's workout and physicality. They use a professional (Kelly Clark, three time Olympic medalist) to focus on certain skills.

This could be a great resource for REI because they might consider using a similar spokesperson or idea in order to promote snowboarding and therein their snowboarding gear. With such a warm season for the Northwest in regards to this activity, it may be a good idea to promote the health benefits of snowboarding, piggy backing on the idea of this article.

Snowboarding Takes A Slide In Popularity: Experts Unfazed / Lisa Rathke - March 9

This article attempts to sum up the last ski season. Taking information from ski resort and retail industries, the author pinpoints that sales have gone down at least 28 percent from 2003-2013, with a huge boom preceding that time period in the 1990s to early 200's. This year, the lack of snow and warm whether has not helped.

This article is useful for our client because it's important market research. Our client, though probably already aware of the changing whether from previous market research, should be aware that snowboarding is not only affected negatively by warm whether but also its phases of age. In this article, it pegs snowboarding as having already passed through a "maturity" phase - meaning sales will probably only continue to drop in retail locations as interest wanes.

New Hiking Movies May Overcrowd Appalachian Trail; Registration Sought / March 9 - Ad Crable

This article explained how recent movies like "Wild" and "A Walk In The Woods," have launched a large interest in outdoors activity; specifically hiking. These movies focus on the Appalachian trail, therefore the registration for such trails has been filling up unusually fast.

This is good information for our client because it's good to know that more business is potentially coming to REI. Moreover, it's good audience research to know that a certain type of person responds positively to movies such as the ones listed.

Canoeing and Kayaking Around The World: Readers' Travel Tips / Curated by The Guardian - March 5

This article has five curated locations across the world dubbed as the best locations to go kayaking or canoeing. Each location gives information to websites and information for viewers to learn more.

This could potentially be beneficial for our client because they might need to be knowledgeable about potential questions our audience members may ask. If they're being informed about these locations, perhaps our team members can be informed about what sort of gear is necessary for specific areas.

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