Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Media Coverage Report #4

WTF Is Up With The Bike Plan? - Zack Fields, Jan 30th.


This article explains that a long-proposed (since 2007) bike plan in Anchorage Alaska is finally going into effect. This plan, named "The Bicycle Plan" envisions over 571 miles of new bicycle lanes, tracks, and trails.

This could potentially be useful to REI because of our homefront location in the Pacific Northwest. In the Anchorage area, where we have one REI situated downtown, we could potentially look into re-vamping our merchandise or campaigns to correlate with that of the bike plan.

14 Outdoor Companies Pledge to Boost Women's Leadership - Jan Lee, Jan 29th


This article summarizes that the Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition has announced a new goal to increase involvement of participation of women in leadership roles. Though REI has also signed on to support this goal, other companies such as Burton, CamelBak, and Fuji Sports have signed as well.

This article is useful to REI because it shows how new social standards are being focused on responsibility to gender representation. From this article, we can see that women in leadership roles are demanded in the professional outdoor industry; this may inform how we advertise to our customers as well. Further, we can gather information about partners and competitors who have also signed with this goal.

Meet The New Hot Shot Of The Hunting World - Lauren Effron, Feb 2nd


This article states that the Eva Shockey is the new face of the hunting world. After movies such as The Hunger Games, this article claims that women are now becoming the new face of the hunting world that was traditionally male-centric. Shockey is the second woman to ever "grace the cover" of the Field and Stream magazine in its 120 year span.

Along with the pledge to boost women's leadership in the outdoor industry, this article is useful because it shows how our audience is changing. With a cover on Field and Stream magazine, we can gather that other reporters are targeting audiences toward women. This may be good information to consider focusing our audience in different areas with hunting products.

Best Women's Winter Cycling Jerseys - Kirsten Legen, Jan 31st


This article lists the Gore Power 2.0 Thermo Jersey, the Bontrager RXL Thermal Jersey, and the Rapha Woman's Souplesse Jacket as the top three winter cycling jerseys of the season. The article lists prices and compares each product to each other with a review from a biking-focused website.

This article is helpful to our client because it helps REI see what our audience thinks of different products out there. Not only does it compare the different products and shows us what the audience (in this case, expert and researched bikers) thinks are the better products, but it shows us the specific comparison and what our audience could be looking for in a biking jersey.

President Obama's 2016 Budget Requests 3 Billion For National Park Service - Feb 2nd


This article states that President Obama released is annual budget request, which requested $3 billion for National Parks Services for the 2016 Fiscal year that usually called for about $450 million. This is to prepare for the National Parks Services Centennial Celebration in 2016.

This article is helpful for REI's projection into the 2016 year. With the Centennial in mind and Parks Services receiving extra money from the government, REI can potentially predict more audience members turning to outdoor goods to celebrate the Centennial. REI could potentially think of teaming up with some of these parks, or even think of creating new ad campaigns targeting those who wish to visit the parks.

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