Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Media Coverage Report #6

Poler Stuff Connects Outdoor Culture and Action Sports - Tim Newcomb / Feb 17

This article showcases Poler Stuff's new product. This product combines innovation, utility, and fashion with a sleeping bag that can also act as a jacket. The sleeping bag is designed to be appropriately warm for campers and is aimed at outdoor audiences.

This is good information for REI because it's beneficial to know what new products are out there. Additionally, this lets REI know what companies are trying to be innovative in their products - perhaps Poler Stuff's could provide REI with a new opportunity for partnership.

Apple Pay Will Be Supported By The National Park Service - Brandon Russell / Feb 13

This article explains how Apple Pay is now being supported by the National Parks Services. Apple Pay is an application that allows users to connect and transfer money from bank accounts to bank accounts. Now, Apple Pay will allow passes from National Parks Services to be valid via smart phones.

This is potentially beneficial to our client because it opens up an entirely new opportunity for partnership with REI. Apple is a large company that focuses on computer software - but now they're reaching over into outdoor activity territory, this could potentially be a good partnership opportunity for REI.

Miraval Launches Spring Hiking Week March 23-28 - Craig Oliver / Feb 16

This article explains how Miraval is launching a sprink hiking week, starting the 23rd of March and ending the 28th. This week provides guests with a list of hikes that are ranked for difficulty.

This could be a potential opportunity for REI. Our client could potentially team up with Miravel Resort in order to back this even. Further, REI could potentially host an event of their own like a hiking week, providing their customers with detailed lists of local hikes.

Tiny Munising Gets Big Boost From Ice Climbing Festival - Amanda Monthei / Feb 11

This article explains how the small town of Munising gets huge attention during an ice climbing festival.

This could potentially be an opportunity for REI because the article pinpoints a large boom in interest of ice climbing in a specific area. REI could potentially partner with some organization in Munising to get thier products bought or their name out there.

VIDEO: Sea Lion Pup Hitches Ride With Family While Kayaking - Fox Websdesk / Feb 17

This video shows a sea lion pup catching a ride with a kayaking family. The video ended up going viral and reaching thousands of people.

This could potentially be a good marketing opportunity for REI. REI could consider using viral videos with cute animals in the outdoors to advertise, or advertising by attempting to create viral videos with cute animals in them while using their products in the videos.

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