Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Media Coverage Report #5

New Film To Showcase Michigan Ice Climbing - Eric Lemke / February 10th


This article showcases a film called "The Michigan Ice Film," produced by small film company Clear & Cold Cinema. The film showcases the National Recreation area in Munising, Michigan - a town with a population of 2,500.

This article could potentially be a great advertisement opportunity for REI. Our company could potentially see this as an opportunity and ask to feature some gear in the feature. Further, this film could also influence a boost in audience recognition of ice climbing and may start a trend of climbing with new audiences, which may be something REI should keep on their radar.

Cascade Designs Moving a Fifth of its jobs to Nevada - Angela Gonzales / February 10th


This article explains how locally based Seattle company, "Cascade Designs,"is moving a fifth of its jobs to Nevada. Being a manufacturer of many outdoor products such as tents, jackets, and covers, Cascade Design's spokeman Martin Maisonpierre stated that the company was running out of space and money to keep manufacturing in Seattle - especially with the new minimum wage requirement.

This article is useful to our company because it signifies a potential threat and opportunity. This situation could be a threat to our company because businesses around us are getting shut down, and perhaps REI should look into worrying about the same thing happening to them. It could be a potential opportunity because REI could benefit from gained business from other small businesses leaving the area.

Washington Trails Get Year-Round Attention - Christian Conahan / February 10th


This article summarizes how the Washington Trails Association has teamed up with volunteers to work on trails year round. The association is working on mainting and creating old and new trails.

This article is useful for our company because it shows the accessibility of trails around Washington. It could potentially be useful internally. With direct communication to potential customers and audiences, REI representatives may need to be immediately knowledgeable about trails around Washington.

Could WA's Proposed ban on Orca Captures end Marine Parks Forever? - Cat DiStasio / February 9th


This article explains how Washington State lawmakers are now discussing the implemtnation of blocking the ability to capture Orca Whales for entertainment. This would send a "dramatic" message to marine water parks such as Sea World and ultimately end in their doom.

This could potentially be useful to our client to let us know the status of environment in which we are selling our products. Many WA state parks include Orca Whale habitats - and it could be a potential opportunity for our staff to interact directly with our audience.

Miles Daisher Does Speed Snow-Yaking - Josh Sampiero / February 9th


This article show cases Miles Dashier, a named "Red Bull Air Force" member. Usually, Dashier launches his kayak out of planes and lands it into bodies of water. However this article shows Dashier launching his kayak into the snow for "three sports in one" cleverly named "snow-yaking."

This particular article could be useful to our company to locate sources of endorsement. In regards to spokespeople for media campaigns, Dashier (who is also affiliated with Red Bull which is a great partner opportunity) could be a great fit for certain extreme events REI may think of putting on in the future.

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